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Food Is Chemistry

Food can be delicious but is it good for me or you. What is okay for one person can be bad for another person. Allergies can effect us. It can be minor or it can be vital and even kill us. Food is always around us. You go to a wedding or birthday party or you graduate from school food of some kind is there. When you work and you don’t have the time to make your lunch you go to a restaurant. Life is go, go, go. We are brought up to eat three meals a day. How can we lose weight when food is always around.  Junk food adds to our weight and what is in it can leave us plotted and losing Weight is far. Our health is important but getting in shape can be depressing but in the end it’s all worth the effort.

Keep your thoughts positive and thanks for reading

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Sugar In Coffee

Sugar is something I’m trying to quit and it’s really hard for me but I am going to succeed a little at a  time and that is how it’s going to be.  Coffee is hard to drink when it’s just black and stevia is sugar but it’s leaves an after taste which I don’t like. I will succeed in time. Some days will be tough but eventually the sugar will go. I just have to give it time. I don’t want to give up coffee. It is my morning drink.

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Weight Training Woman

Weight training is also part of losing weight and gaining more muscles we did not know we have. As a teen I wanted to learn to use weight training but nothing came of it.  I tried teaching myself but with no luck I just gave up. When I met my best friend and now hubby he taught me the exercises to do and it felt damn good. We stopped when he got sick . He found out he has diabetes and his life went down hill, but he is starting to feel better and get rid of his diabetes. People can achieve this goal if they have a partner who supports him or her. He has lost a lot of weight and I am proud of him. Weight training is not just for men but also women.  Weight training and eating positive foods can make you healthy. It is hard road but being healthy is better then being sick. Sickness sucks!!!

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No More Chips

Losing weight does not mean you have to go on a diet because the first three letters mean die plus it never works.

I am in my 50s and menapause has set in and that sucks. My metabolism is slowing down which makes me have a harder time with my weight. So this year is the time for change. I am sharing my journey because writing about it will help me achieve my goal.

Chips was a comfort food for me. I am happy though that cakes, pies, cookies were foods I did not care to eat. I was a picky eater as a kid and I still am picky too.

Today chips make my eyes dark and also very sleepy. Plus the salt in chips make my feet swell which is painful.  I have learned many things about food which I am going to write about. I am not saying chips are bad but how they effect me needs to come to an end.

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Losing Weight

Losing weight sounds great

But it can be very difficult

It is one step forward and many steps back

There will be good days and there many bad too

Determination can be powerful

But never lose faith in dreams or your goals

Time might be slow but the end result will put a smile on your face

The end

I am starting to write about my journey on health because being inspired is not an easy task.

Thanks for reading.

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When the grass is seen I am happy again

The snow melts away and my heart begins to sing

I already feel the warmth in my body and that pleases me

The leafs on the trees start to grow again and the flowers slowly coming up again

Oh what a wonderful feeling to have again

It is still cool but I can live with that because the ice is gone and that is fine for me

Spring will be here like it does every year but I know it will be here soon I just can’t wait for that time to come again

The end20161005_131415